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Contact Centre Solutions - Solving the most prominent Customer Service Challenges

December 12, 2020

Customers interact with your Company agents and certain interactions can pose challenges. Handling these professionally is crucial to the business’s success. It is important to have repeat customers for repeat business and it is imperative to handle them well. Competitors immediately take advantage of a poorly serviced customer.

Many factors go into managing these challenges, backed by the quantum your team is managing. Perfecting customer service may feel like an impossible task but modern technologies are an indication of a shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

The primary way of managing these challenges and hurdles are by responding effectively and in a well-scheduled manner thus positively impacting customer service ratings, enhanced customer loyalty and business profitability

Below are a few common hurdles that the largest and smallest firms face in the space of customer servicing.

Customer service unable to accurately answer a question

The key is to avoid being unclear in your response. However, due to human intervention, these issues can stand out as primary concern due to human error.

The Communication Suites created by leading Contact centre solutions Companies like SlashRTC's solutions help mitigate such issues. How about having an A.I. bot that can acknowledge such a difficult query and tells the customer that the query needs to be escalated or be transferred to a senior or more talented customer service agent? A guarantee but an A.I. bot can create a positive impact in the mind of the customer and keep the customer well informed.

Blind call transfers

During complex queries or queries not related to the department, it becomes essential to transfer the call. However, it’s a common experience to get transferred to a department that doesn’t acknowledge your waiting time as they may be unavailable.

Conversational ai platform Companies help organisations by making transparent customer service agent availability via Custom software integration. Only if an agent is available on duty and ready to accept the call, will the call be transferred. SlashRTC provides such solutions and much more.

Failing to understand what customers want

Clients can struggle clarifying what they need. They may not have a clue about the technical jargon to let you know precisely what the issue is. If an A.I. BOT is well trained through a fantastic knowledge base, the algorithm involved to take the customer through a systematic stepwise process solves this issue. To add to the accuracy, the proprietary NLP and NLU engine gets smarter and perfectly understands human intonation/accents. This induces a fantastic customer experience.

Dealing with angry customers

Even the most prominent organisations get Irated calls from customers. While the traditional technique for helping a customer would be—Hear. Empathize. Apologize. Resolve. Diagnose. This can calm the conversation and buy time to find a solution. However a well-structured algorithm of conversation using artificial Intelligence and call escalation mechanism resolves this issue in a more efficient manner.

Exceeding customer expectations

The best way to achieve this as a thumb rule is to set realistic goals, attain them and finally overachieve. Exceeding expectations can generate repeat customers.

To make the above possible is to put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Then, have a backend system in place that can generate data that is knowledgeable and usable data that tells you exactly what customers want. Leading Contact Centre Solutions Companies like SlashRTC can make that possible.

Serving multiple customers in a given instant

At times, the customer agent will need to put the customer on hold and thinking from a customers perspective, there is nothing wrong with it. However, by communicating to the customer that he or she needs to be kept on hold helps buy you some time. While you resolve other customer issues and get back after a long waiting time, such scenarios can get annoying for the waiting customer.

Contact Solutions Companies help allocate resources extremely well and also helps agents speak to multiple customers over multiple channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and other SM platforms effortlessly and flawlessly using a fantastic user interface. Here skilled agents who can handle multiple sessions can be allocated with necessary workloads.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Contact Center Solution is a platform that streamlines customer communications via a setup or software deployed either over the Cloud or On-Premise of the organisation. In other words, Contact Center Solution is a software deployment strategy that allows businesses to deploy the exact technology they need and is often managed by a vendor to save finances in the long run, integration, and maintenance. CCaaS solutions (Contact Center as a Service) are most often used in contact centres as a cloud-based CX solution, although in some cases, an on-premise CCaaS software solution is preferable. Without the assistance of a sophisticated Contact Center as a Service, it is impossible or difficult for call centres to swiftly deploy new features, functions, channels and advanced capabilities.

Streamline the Customer’s Journey over All Channels

Customers increasingly use new communication channels and want to connect with businesses in the same way they interact with one another in everyday life.

As a result, customer connections become more complicated, necessitating the need to monitor, measure, and respond to these interactions across numerous channels.

Flexible Mode of deployment


SlashRTC's On-premise Call Center Software is the ideal option for you if your organisation requires an on-premise call centre deployment with servers physically located on your premises. You may have a lot of control over server security with on-premise call centre software.


When you wish to grow your organisation, cloud-based contact centre software saves infrastructure expenditures and is extremely scalable. SlashRTC provides cloud-based contact centre software that provides high-end security to your call centre operations. Our compliances helps eliminate data loss and allows you to communicate with your customers without worrying about security.

Gain Greater Operational Efficiency

Contact centre managers confront difficulties in maintaining high contact centre productivity and efficiency while still providing outstanding customer care.

You may obtain real-time operational and business data, as well as actionable insights, with a contact centre solution’s unified dashboard, so you can tweaked based on custom requirements as operations continue.

Contact Center Modernization

To stay competitive, businesses must break through organisational barriers and eliminate the constraints of outdated infrastructure.

You may acquire a permanent basis for creating excellent customer experiences and taking advantage of enhanced business processes by putting in place the right contact centre infrastructure.

Unified Customer Experience

Reduce customer wait times by using ACD, IVR, and VQ Pass to power your incoming contact centre solutions.

To guarantee a better first-call resolution rate, direct consumers to the correct agent.

Using an outbound dialer, increase call connection rates and save time for agents with smart operations.

Using multiple dialers, make your sales proactive and exponentially scale.

Contact Center System Integrations

Workforce management systems, CRM software, and other legacy systems should all be integrated. SlashRTC’s Contact Center Solution provides APIs for custom integrations and connects with common out-of-the-box business solutions.

Using broad integration possibilities, manage omnichannel interactions and allow consumers to contact you via their chosen channel.

Using CTI, you may improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your call routing process. The phone, IVR, and ACD may all be linked with the business tools and database in a smooth manner.

Agents may obtain client information and handle calls with a warm start thanks to features like as toolbar integration, screen pop, and two-way synchronisation of information.

Reporting and Analytics

Dashboards that display real-time data from agent-customer interactions across different channels.

Information regarding the source of the interaction, the agent engaged in the interaction, and the context of the interaction in real time.

Gain a better understanding of the operations and make more informed judgments.

Remote Readiness

SlashRTC's Remote Call Center Software gives businesses a 360-degree view of all remote systems, devices, and environments, allowing them to solve remote IT infrastructure issues.

Allow your contact centre agents to check in from anywhere, at any time. Agents and supervisors may access the system from any computer or mobile device.

Secure & Scalable Omnichannel Contact Center

Advanced algorithms boost call connect rates and increase conversion rates. You can sdd an auto dialer to your call centre software to automate your outgoing call centre operations. Predictive Dialer, Preview Dialer, and Progressive Dialer are all options available with SlashRTC, depending on your company needs.

Pre-built Connectors for Leading CRMs

SlashRTC's contact centre solution integrates seamlessly with popular CRMs and helpdesk applications. It provides open APIs for custom integrations and connects with common or out-of-the-box business applications.


Chatbots, speech bots, and machine learning technologies can all be easily integrated into your contact centre with SlashRTC's AI-powered contact centre solutions. Improve customer satisfaction by adding more intelligence to each conversation with self-service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wide Coverage of Channels – Omnichannel Capabilities

Address digital and voice consumer interactions in a seamless manner. Voice, e-mail, live agent, chat, SMS, video chat, and social channels are all supported by SlashRTC's Omnichannel Call Center Solution.

Flexibility and Control

SlashRTC recognises that your company and its requirements are unique. It allows you to establish your own company-specific settings, implement rules, customise dashboards and reports, handle business prompts, and much more.

Comprehensive Reporting

The Contact Center Solution from SlashRTC is supported by AI-based sentiment analysis, allowing your agents to provide a customised client experience. It allows you to evaluate your customers' emotions and automatically prioritise issues to guarantee that the most essential and urgent problems are resolved first.

Seamless Integrations

With SlashRTC's full omnichannel platform, you can link your workforce management system, lead management system, in-house CRM, or any other third-party system. We truly that over the years we have gained Customer Engagement Expertise in this space.

SlashRTC has been helping consumer-facing companies streamline and optimise their customer engagement across many channels — voice, email, chat, social media, video chat, and messaging – for more than 17 years.

Trusted by Top Brands

Top companies all around the country have put their faith in SlashRTC. Sectors including BFSI, Edutech, Travel and Hospitality, E-commerce, Healthcare, Aviation, and other verticals are testament to the same. Additionally, SlashRTC's highly competent and comprehensive support team provides local help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A Contact Center Agent is a Company representative who caters to the requirements of the customer who gets in touch with the organisation. The individual is also commonly known or termed as a Customer Service Agent. A Contact Center Agent is judged based on his qualifications and multitasking capabilities. Based on his rankings he caters to calls that require a resolution of that standard. A contact Center may operate via traditional PBX systems deployed at the premise or may work via an advanced Contact Center Solution deployed either on the cloud or on the premise.

A customer service agent are more that equipped to handle calls from any location PROVIDED, a Remote Contact Center Solution is deployed by the organisation. Through this the agent is able to handle communications not only from his home but also has the ability to handle communications via multiple channels such as SMS, Email, Social Media Etc.

The answer to this is rather simple. A ‘Contact Center’ is a setup by the organisation which can also be termed as a Helpdesk, Call Center, Support Center, Customer Support Etc. This is a collation of a team that are unified to service customers who wish to get in touch with the organisation. Traditionally, Customer service agents at a Contact Center are stationed.

A ‘Contact Center Solution’ is a platform that enables a Customer Service Agent to communicate with Customers. Other terminologies such as Call Center Software, Call Center Solutions, Remote Contact Center Solutions, Cloud Contact Center Solutions, CcaaS (Contact Center as a Service) Etc. also mean the same thing. A Contact Center Solution helps organisation to allocate the appropriate skilled agents to the respective customer depending on the complexity of the query. It helps bring hierarchies of customer service departments under a single platform and helps monitor the quality of service in real-time by supervisors. It is built to streamline processes, workflows and cut costs in the long run. It has the ability to operate on the cloud so that in empowers agents to operate from home or anywhere with excellent levels of call quality and customer engagement.