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Contact Centre Solutions - Solving the most prominent Customer Service Challenges

December 12, 2020

Customers interact with your Company agents and certain interactions can pose challenges. Handling these professionally is crucial to the business’s success. It is important to have repeat customers for repeat business and it is imperative to handle them well. Competitors immediately take advantage of a poorly serviced customer.

Many factors go into managing these challenges, backed by the quantum your team is managing. Perfecting customer service may feel like an impossible task but modern technologies are an indication of a shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

The primary way of managing these challenges and hurdles are by responding effectively and in a well-scheduled manner thus positively impacting customer service ratings, enhanced customer loyalty and business profitability

Below are a few common hurdles that the largest and smallest firms face in the space of customer servicing.

Customer service unable to accurately answer a question

The key is to avoid being unclear in your response. However, due to human intervention, these issues can stand out as primary concern due to human error.

The Communication Suites created by leading Contact centre solutions Companies like SlashRTC's solutions help mitigate such issues. How about having an A.I. bot that can acknowledge such a difficult query and tells the customer that the query needs to be escalated or be transferred to a senior or more talented customer service agent? A guarantee but an A.I. bot can create a positive impact in the mind of the customer and keep the customer well informed.

Blind call transfers

During complex queries or queries not related to the department, it becomes essential to transfer the call. However, it’s a common experience to get transferred to a department that doesn’t acknowledge your waiting time as they may be unavailable.

Conversational ai platform Companies help organisations by making transparent customer service agent availability via Custom software integration. Only if an agent is available on duty and ready to accept the call, will the call be transferred. SlashRTC provides such solutions and much more.

Failing to understand what customers want

Clients can struggle clarifying what they need. They may not have a clue about the technical jargon to let you know precisely what the issue is. If an A.I. BOT is well trained through a fantastic knowledge base, the algorithm involved to take the customer through a systematic stepwise process solves this issue. To add to the accuracy, the proprietary NLP and NLU engine gets smarter and perfectly understands human intonation/accents. This induces a fantastic customer experience.

Dealing with angry customers

Even the most prominent organisations get Irated calls from customers. While the traditional technique for helping a customer would be—Hear. Empathize. Apologize. Resolve. Diagnose. This can calm the conversation and buy time to find a solution. However a well-structured algorithm of conversation using artificial Intelligence and call escalation mechanism resolves this issue in a more efficient manner.

Exceeding customer expectations

The best way to achieve this as a thumb rule is to set realistic goals, attain them and finally overachieve. Exceeding expectations can generate repeat customers.

To make the above possible is to put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Then, have a backend system in place that can generate data that is knowledgeable and usable data that tells you exactly what customers want. Leading Contact Centre Solutions Companies like SlashRTC can make that possible.

Serving multiple customers in a given instant

At times, the customer agent will need to put the customer on hold and thinking from a customers perspective, there is nothing wrong with it. However, by communicating to the customer that he or she needs to be kept on hold helps buy you some time. While you resolve other customer issues and get back after a long waiting time, such scenarios can get annoying for the waiting customer.

Contact Solutions Companies help allocate resources extremely well and also helps agents speak to multiple customers over multiple channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and other SM platforms effortlessly and flawlessly using a fantastic user interface. Here skilled agents who can handle multiple sessions can be allocated with necessary workloads.