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There is much to learn in the way machine learning and artificial intelligence has led to the inception of chatbot solutions. Just like everything, there are a myriad of advantages and certain myths that pose as disadvantages which we would love to explain for you.

When someone starts a business, it is absolutely imperative that the customer experience delivered to the end user is on point and is extremely positive to stand out from the competition. This is done by scouting for a professional chatbot solutions Company that can help customise and configure chatbot AI Business Solutions specific to how your systems run. Your chatbot business solutions provider must provide an excellent user interface so that agents are delighted to use the product and the back end should be robust so that customisations are easy and intuitive. Through the entire package, you will be sure to have customers returning because all the above stated facts are bound to bring a fantastic customer service experience.

SlashRTC launched its chatbot solutions to provide an impeccable customer service cycle, and we are proud of what we have created all in-house.

Customer Satisfaction at its best
Chatbot solutions always stay in-line with rules given to it. Moods or bad days for a customer executive will no more be of any concern. Chatbot AI Business Solutions can configure your chatbot to speak multiple languages giving the customer a more comfortable experience.

A closer look at the
advantages of Chatbots

Know your audience better
Chatbot AI Business Solutions can help you collate data from your customers in real-time by communicating with them in a human like manner. It becomes easy for Companies to get deep insights about their preferences, product buying patterns, grievances while updating your precious database on the fly, automatically. Understanding consumer behaviour is key in order to mould the way you service your target customer

Selling more than you think you may
Chatbot solutions facilitate lightning fast access and response times for your customers. This enables quick actions by the customer that can be meaningful for your customer. An action by the customer surely can translate into a sale or at least turn him into a potential buyer. This is where chatbot AI Business Solutions come into the picture. Newly added services or products can be conveniently pushed onto customers without being too invasive thus maintaining the temperament of the customer.

Always available round the clock
How about having your customers reach out to you post working hours late at night and having your representative speak with them. Chatbot AI Business Solutions enables the same. 24/7 availability helps talk to users and also efficiently retaining their interest. To provide 24/7 support with human intervention becomes costly and an inconsistent approach towards your customers in most cases.

Customer Satisfaction at its best Recurring costs like salaries have to be paid to your customer service team. The higher the number of customers, the larger the cost for employees. Chatbot solutions help mitigate these costs as only a single instance of chatbot software can handle all customer communications with a highly automated and a more consistent experience.

Perceived myths resolved

Chatbots are emotionless
With growing technology Chatbot solutions created by SlashRTC can exhibit empathy and emotions while on a session.

Difficult to Create?
A customised user interface created by SlashRTC is the easiest to create and tweak further if required. It is important that a chatbot solutions provider gives you the full ability to customise the conversation flow with the customer without the intervention of coding skills.

Ultimately, a human needs to take on an escalation
SlashRTC’s chatbot AI Business Solution helps solve this problem. A fully customisable flow chat mechanism with a complex knowledge base is fully understandable by our AI technology and easily configurable by the client. This can easily handle complex queries and also close the call sessions successfully. Our success rates can maybe surprise you as everything we create is made completely in-house.

Server / backend maintenance is required
Since SlashRTC’s proprietary chatbot AI Business Solutions is able to record realtime data and terms used on a call, those particular keywords can be optimised and made easier to handle by chatbots. Over a certain period of time, your chatbots will be high scoring experts.