What Is The Distinction Between Inbound and Outbound Calling?


An inbound call center is a location that handles a large number of incoming calls. An inbound call center is one that receives more than 50% of its phone calls from within a specific location. To enrich the customer interactions one should avoid the unnecessary wait time and have ready customer information beforehand. Call centers can use interactive voice response ivr to route the calls to the right agent and be as accurate as possible.


Outbound call centers, on the other hand, are centers that make more outgoing phone calls.For the sake of clarity, the tipping point is set at 50%. Outbound calling centers can use a power dialer to be efficient and increase agent productivity by dialing automated phone calls. Power dialer is a great tool for call centers who have massive call flows. You can also use CRM integration to the dialer to get customer information on call.

As a result, if a contact center makes more outgoing phone calls than incoming ones, it is referred to as an outbound call center. Outbound calling refers to sales, follow-ups, renewal reminders, and updates made by agents (or sales people). Inbound calling refers to calls received by agents for the purpose of providing customer service or answering questions. Let's go further into the type of job, purpose, agents, characteristics, customers, level of challenge, and impact on the company. There are different types of dialers, Manual dialer being the basic one, power dialer or an auto dialer dials automated outbound calls which can be used along with interactive voice response ivr solution. Agents can get the customer information from the uploaded call list on the calls. The inbound outbound call center can be integrated with social media like facebook messenger, whatsApp and instagram.

Differences in Purpose

Differences in Purpose

While a happy and pleased client is the aim of each call center, the means by which this is accomplished vary in each situation, even the almost zero wait time.

Customer interactions can happen over social media channels or through a calling channel. Customers will call into an inbound call center with inquiries, doubts, complaints, or recommendations that require the aid of employees. The employees will assist the consumer in resolving any issues they may be having. The customer's need for service is great, and the agent has greater influence over how the engagement ends. Using SlashRTC’s inbound outbound call center reduces the wait time. If the customer is unable to connect to the call center or if the agent misses a call because of high call volume then automated outbound dialer can come in handy. Automated outbound dialer will dial the calls from missed calls list as per agent's availability.

In an outbound procedure, on the other hand, the agents call the customer. It might be for product or service sales, payments, updates, offers, or renewals. Agents can call using Manual dialer, preview dialer or power dialer as per their need, power dialer or auto dialer can dial automated outbound calls. Because the customer's need for the item is unknown, he may or may not be receptive. Neither is the time of contact convenient for him. As a result, the rate of success is reduced.

With SlashRTC interactive voice response ivr, establishing quality customer interactions is way more easy than you think. You can simply integrate social media as well and maximize your reach, be available on every possible channel.

Outbound Call centers would need

Technology-wise, both an inbound and outbound contact center will focus on different features
from the call center software they will be using.

An inbound call center will require technologies such as
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call controls such as mute, hold, transfer, and barge-in
  • Ticketing Integration
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Outbound Call centers would need
  • Auto Dialers
  • CRM Integration
  • Outbound IVR
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What about combining the two?

All-in-one call centre for inbound and outbound calls

As an example, the client can field calls from prospective buyers and places calls to interested buyers who enter their contact information online—their agents are both making and receiving calls. But they aren’t just connecting by phone. The client finds that their customers really value lies in being able to connect both when and how they want, via channels such as SMS and chat—the way they communicate with their friends and family. So clients can build their call center using Voice, SMS, and Chat to allow users to communicate by phone, text, or in-app chat.

The system relies on Task Routing to connect customers to the best agent and SlashRTC's technology allows agents to see exactly what customers are doing in real-time, such as what product they are interested in etc.

The Shift From Call Center to Contact Center

An Inbound and Outbound Call Center All In One

While traditionally, call centers only interacted with customers over the phone. Today’s call centers have evolved into multichannel contact centers that connect with customers on the channel they prefer. In a modern multichannel inbound contact center, customer support might be delivered over in-app chat or video, or via SMS or Facebook Messenger. Outbound communications such as event promotions are sent as push notifications, while surveys are deployed over a messaging app, and sales inquiries received by email are sent directly to an agent to connect by phone. Contact centers handle all communications on all channels at all times.

Does this sound complicated? With communications APIs designed for multichannel inbound and outbound contact centers, building the exact system you want to communicate with your customers is surprisingly easy.

When you build your contact center with communication building blocks SlashRTC's cusomisable APIs, you can choose the channels and features you need and add more as your call center expands into multiple channels. Perhaps you start off as an inbound call center and later expand to making outbound calls. Down the road you may add other channels beyond voice, such as SMS, in-app chat, video, and more.

APIs give you the flexibility to build the exact customer experience you want, and the freedom to iterate your communications as frequently as you like.

Amazing customer reviews

Devendra Rane, Founder and CTO, Coverfox Insurance

SlashRTC's Contact Centre Solution was the most comprehensive, flexible and easy to integrate with our existing CRM app. We were able to complete the setup within a few days and the agents on the floor loved the Chrome Plugin, a complete transformation of our legacy application. They customised the solution to our needs and their support is commendable.

Bombino Express
Bombino Express
Yasin Latiwala, Chairman, Bombino Express

SlashRTC’s A.I. enabled Voice and Chat assistants have provided us with high quality service at a surprisingly reasonable price. The tracking process is very intuitive and the lead generation from Website visitors has grown by 125% with the help of their conversational chat bots.

Akhil Gupta, Co-Founder and CTO, NoBroker

The flexible architecture of the SlashRTC Contact Centre Solution helped us get all relevant and critical information pushed onto our systems in real time that allows us to make well informed decisions to increase the overall productivity and enhance our customer experience.

Reliance Money
Reliance Money

SlashRTC very efficiently replaced our existing On-Premise solutions with Slash Connect and also seamlessly integrated their system with Microsoft Dynamics. Additionally, They set up an Automated IVR for us and other useful features that have augured extremely well for us in terms of Reporting.

Reliance Money
Whitehat Jr

Our main aim was to increase our call connectivity ratio which was very low. They offered a one of a kind feature which was a rarity in the industry to find. They deployed Mobile CLI feature which enabled our customer service agents to have their own unique masking numbers. This enabled us to be excluded from spam calls and helped us connect to more customers. We were surprised with their flexibility and expertise in seamless integration

Reliance Money

SlashRTC has greatly encouraged quick onboarding and personalised support for every agent in different parts of India. They have consulted us extremely well and have had a proactive approach towards adding additional features and functionalities whenever we needed.

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