predictive dialer
Use SlashRTC’s Conversational bots to acquire more business and happy customers with its super intelligent AI.

Automating your customer communications using Powerful Automated Speech Recognition Solutions (ASR) and Text to Speech solution capabilities with near human like voice and advanced speech recognition has never been this easy. We have crafted a perfect interface for clients who wish to subscribe to our services. It is important to know that, the more natural the conversation is , the happier the customer is. A customer with an issue requires a more interactive conversation thus leading to a more fulfilling experience. Our Automatic Speech Recognition Solution perfectly ticks the right boxes for companies who wish to excel in next generation customer services.

Natural Human Voice
Artificial Intelligence combined with a Natural Human Voice

Our Slash-AI Agent along with the custom automated speech recognition solution seamlessly integrates with your existing CRMs to give clients more contextual information and engage with your customers for Self Service. Our clients are more than satisfied with our speech recognition software and its functionalities as our products seems to be getting immense traction across more and more departments within a single firm. Text to speech software and speech recognition solutions have been there around for decades, however our proprietary text to speech solution has never sounded so human while also perfectly satisfying customers and leveraging missed opportunities. The voice modulation created by us is empathetic and responsive, beyond anything traditional that you must have heard of.

predictive dialer
With our AI Algorithm based conversations, a quantum leap in the number of qualified leads is a surety!

Our Automatic Speech Recognition Solutions helps Greet your customers with name and seamlessly speak dynamic information like amounts, policy numbers, date and time for appointments and more information on a call naturally. Unlike traditional text to speech software our A.I. is programmed to intelligently understand customer requisitions and deliver instantaneously. Customers are bound to like the text to speech voices

Natural Human Voice
AI Agent for Compliance

Our proprietary software is programmed with the capability of 100% recordings and transcripts for all conversations between the agent and the customer. The Automated Speech Recognition Solution can Integrate with third party CRMs to get critical responses from the conversation instantly.

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Improve & Enhance quality of every
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Contextual Conversations in Real Time with Natural Language Understanding
You can Generate large volume of calls to qualify leads, conduct surveys or send notifications
Automate your communication processes with Less Agents and generate more business
Get actionable insights with Real Time and Historical Analytics at Granular level!
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