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Introducing you to our

Voice API

SlashRTC’s Voice API for Business Communication
helps you to monitor, receive, and make calls
across the business landscape with minimal
effort and convenient to use API.

PSTN being a traditional mode of telecommunication requires an interface to communicate with modern digital data transmitted using the internet.

Our Voice Call API can be leveraged by developers to code voice calls interfaced directly into the client’s existing software with ease.

Our Voice call API helps include comprehensive voice or telephony capabilities over existing applications while making it possible for developers to build logic for the client regardless of the users location and the kind of network the agent has. SlashRTC’s voice Call API is built with a scalable approach where developers can get complete control over programming the same and implementing that for VOIP to telephone, phone to phone, IVR mechanisms, Recording conversations, tracking calls and SIP interfacing.

Via SlashRTC’s Voice Call API , we can re-direct voice calls with global reach to phones, browsers, SIP domains, and mobile applications.

With a programable Voice Call API, developers can create Artificial Intelligence based IVRs that can converse, recognise user intent, call re-direction, data consolidation and resolve user queries via a robust knowledge base. Companies present in the customer servicing space are fully leveraging Voice API for Business Communications to the best of its technical capability.

SlashRTC’s proprietary artificial intelligence is all programmed using natural language processing which intelligently understands what users are talking an actions a command to a relative task. The Voice API for Business Communication can be used to program and train the AI to handle complex phrases and resolving the same extremely naturally and efficiently.

Support in integrating the
Voice API for Business Communication

SlashRTC has built an industry leading versatile building tool. While our Voice Call API is very easy to build, get in touch with us HERE to get the perfect assistance you need to integrate the same onto your existing system.

With just a little assistance, our unique interface specifically made to configure the same, we are simply excited to see what you can create with such boundless limitations.

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