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Communication APIs enables businesses
the ability to integrate voice calling, text
messaging and other omni-channel
functionalities into a software
application or product.

What is Voicebot?

Voicebot Solution is a technology created with the aim to induce machine learning and (NLP) natural language processing, enabling a natural conversation. To complete day-to-day communication tasks for organisations and their customers, voicebot solutions are changing the way we leverage the digital paradigm to become more efficient and profitable. While the current audience is familiar with existing text to speech bots, or even assistants from google and amazon, this has paved the way to make voicebot solutions responsible and actionable for CRMs and conduct a fantastic conversation with new and existing customers. Voicebot companies in India are closing the gap between a consumer and the trouble taken for installing an app, manually sending a message or any kind of manual intervention. The growth in Simulated voice assistants is paved by devices like Google home, Amazon Echo, Smart TVs, Smart Speakers, Smart Phones, etc. These are considered as luxury lifestyle products to make convenient, access to information and controlling hardware within smart homes.

Through this, voicebot solutions created by SlashRTC has successfully started catering the business space to improve customer communications.
What are the applications
of Voicebot?

Voicebot Solutions are becoming very useful for businesses as well as consumers. Currently we have voice assistants that help us keep within our busy schedules , setting reminders, making notes, all with a simple voice command. This is testament to the useability of artificial intelligence in a consumer’s life. Similarly, Voicebot Solutions can save time required to service customers while providing a sustained and consistent experience. Artificial intelligent systems that we are using more and more in our day to day lives like Amazon Alexa and the Google assistant are already interacting with humans and multinational companies brands to enable purchases, ordering products, paying bills etc

This has paved a way for text to speech bots and voicebot solutions automating certain aspects of daily tasks in the life of the consumer and the corporates as well.
Market Research and Market Trends of Voicebot:

• With the growing intelligence of the voicebot in India, voicebot companies are integrating them with e-commerce companies and other service led businesses for their regular operations. Text to speech bots or voicebot solutions are exhibiting an uprising trend in the way organisations are communicating with their customers

• Artificial intelligence based text to speech bots are not just used for daily chores like listening to music or setting reminders but also gaining traction in terms of having more human like interactions with consumers.

• Voicebot solutions are here to streamline costs for industries like ecommerce, healthcare and banking. Businesses are increasing their interaction with consumers through methods like text to speech bot / chatbot solutions etc. to enhance the end user experience. It is certain that brands will continue to adopt the best text to speech chatbot solutions and competitive voicebot companies in India.

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