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The core of the matter
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Communication APIs enables businesses
the ability to integrate voice calling, text
messaging and other omni-channel
functionalities into a software
application or product.

There is no better substitute than
Communications APIs for a
Better Customer Experience

Customers mostly communicate with you over traditional calls. However, it just isn’t the right thing to do by shutting ourselves to that mode of communication. To resolve the same, SlashRTC has custom developed its communications APIs with a fully functional omnichannel approach. An omni-channel approach enables the customer to get in touch with you over a multitude of channels where the customer has the flexibility to approach you not only via traditional calls ut also via textx, social media platforms, whatsapp and various other messengers. This feature of Communications APIs provides for additional touchpoints to monetise and leverage the customer.

During the COVID-19, many companies
have found it imperative to implement
such communications solutions.
What are the kinds of
Communications APIs

Chat APIs
Facebook messenger and Whatsapp messenger are the dominant communication chat platform for majority of phone and desktop users and customers are more inclined towards the familiar experience provided by the same. To cater to this SlashRTC has developed its own proprietary Communications APIs and extensions to enable this functionality rather than just including traditional SMS communication. This gives the customer the flexibility to share media, documents, sound files and much more to bring about more transparency in his requirements

Voice APIs
Traditional calls are generally preferred with the usual consumer. However, to excel in a competitive environment of customer servicing, SlashRTC’s Communications APIs allows additional functionalities such as call recording, call routing, conference calling, and text-to-speech features as added functionality.

Texting remains one of the most popular to reach customers. We receive a multitude of messages even today as marketing promotions. Using SlashRTC’s Communications APIs help us track and report data through communications received via text messages. Google has recently introduced RCS (Rich Communication Service) which allows google businesses to ecome more traction and visibility and also support multimedia support. Since this is at a nascent stage, SLashRTC will continue to evolve its Communications APIs and communications solutions to support upcoming and trending platforms.

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