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All that you need to know about

Video SDK

A Development kit for crystal clear
video communication solutions.

SDK stands for
“Software Development Kit

To make things simple, if you need to construct a module or a product together, you will need a box of tools with all parts included that helps make that product. That toolbox can be termed as a development kit. The same term for Video software created by SlashRTC is called a Video Chat SDK (Software Development Kit).

Our Video Chat SDK functions in a way where we provide a set of flexible APIs that can easily be customised with your existing business application. The Video Chat SDK created by SlashRTC is extremely easy to implement as we like to hand hold our customers through everything. The Video Chat SDK provides a set of instructions, libraries, APIs, documentation and processes that enable our customers to seamlessly build our functionalities over their specific platform. Our Video Chat SDK is a full-fledged creation, allowing organisations to go beyond traditional limitations.

Why Use SlashRTC’s
Video Chat SDK

Highly focused towards Developers and Clients
Time to execute is industry leading and is optimised to a minimum. The video calling SDK s are built with extreme scalability in mind and for large scale organisations as well.

Excellent video quality despite wavering network conditions
The encoding for the video calling SDK is well optimised at our end makes sure that video streaming is of bespoke quality and resolutions are well optimised over unstable networks as well.

Fully Customised Development Support
Using Slash RTCs video calling SDK , developers have the ability to develop a myriad of layouts, integrate live chats and phone dial-in. We have understood the importance of having our video calling SDK as easy and flexible to deploy as possible.

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