How To Use Automatic Speech Recognition Solutions Innovatively

June 21, 2021

Automatic speech recognition solutions are spread across everywhere. Right from our homes to our workplaces to brands/businesses we interact with, voice-activated assistants are involved everywhere. In the course of time, these automated solutions have become such a huge part of our lives and have enhanced the convenience quotient so much that it is almost difficult to imagine the functioning/operation of few things without them.

If you’re new to this and are probably wondering why these voice-led assistants are so great and sought-after, then you’re at the right place! Conversational AI companies make use of this smart technology in genius ways and the best part? The technology is multi-purposes and versatile. Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Public Transportation (yes, even this!) - name the field/sector - and you’ll find the presence of voice-activated assistants. Coming to your wonderment of “what’s so great?”, these solutions help businesses achieve three main goals:

  • Cut down business costs
  • Simplify/discard outdated operations and processes
  • Boosting the efficiency of an employee, and the company as a whole

That being said, let’s talk about how this technology works.

It is quite evident with our work culture that employees in superior/higher positions have personal assistants. With automated speech recognition solutions, EVERYONE in the company can have an assistant of their own! Right from helping you find a long lost report in your system to assisting you with making one, conversational AI companies have so much to offer.

So, here’s how you can use it innovatively and in your favour.

  • Use your time wisely with automatic transcription

    If yours is a business with limited staff and resources, then this technology is a boon to you. Keeping efficiency high at all times and ensuring things and operations are in place always can be a tedious task. With automated recognition solutions as such, you can convert audios and videos into highly accurate text formats and bring processes like complaint analysis, call categorization, repeat call and demographic analysis, etc. to fruition.
  • A better understanding of what your customers wants

    A better understanding of what your customers wantsWhat is your say in understanding what your customer exactly wants? Would it give deeper insights on how you can reshape and reform your approaches? Sure, yes! When you adopt this technology, you’ll be enabled to bring about an in-depth analysis of your customer’s demands, queries and grievances via recorded calls!
  • Streamlining customer support processes

    The best part about having an entire database dedicated to recorded calls of your customers is being able to optimize your customer support model. On the basis of careful study and analysis, you can then directly handpick issues that most customers are facing and work towards coming up with better solutions.
  • Monitoring agent-customer interactions

    When all your operations are enabled with voice recognition, what your agent says and how they resolve customers’ grievances in a brand-friendly way can be tracked and evaluated. This helps in monitoring agents/representatives on the front lines thereby, optimizing your approaches in customer-friendly ways.

Ready to get started with new, advanced operations led by voice assistants? SlashRTC is here to help with genius service like never before!