Understand how Text To Speech Bots and Communications APIs Benefit Businesses

March 08, 2021

Since the beginning of time, humans have been communicating, the means have drastically changed but one thing that remains constant is the need to communicate. Communication is extremely important not only to send and receive information but it is also a vital part of our survival instincts. So much so, that studies have shown that lack of communication can result in low morale. It is thus important that we are able to make communication (resources) accessible and easily available to everyone. How do we make communication better, efficient and effective among groups and people?

Integrating Communication APIs in your existing software network can help in ensuring this. Communication APIs set rules for the kind of interaction that happens between communication applications and servers. Integrating it will help you manipulate the enterprise’s data quickly and securely with no additional costs. Having said that, you might think that there are a number of communication platforms that are already available in the market, so why should you go for a separate API?

The platforms that are available in the market are open to everyone. The system can neither be manipulated nor can it cater to the needs of everyone uniformly. When you buy a communication API , you can customize it to the needs of your enterprise. It is highly effective in terms of customer satisfaction- fewer delays equals happy customers. Communication APIs will also streamline the communication, secure it- which prevents fraud, increases productivity and workflow, and it is an excellent choice in terms of the costs. Another great means to make communication better, efficient and making sure that it reaches the masses, is through text to speech bot . Text to speech bot is used by people with learning disabilities, literacy difficulties, for people who are learning a new language or for people with reduced vision. It inevitably increases the reach of your content; studies show that about 15-20 percent of the population worldwide suffers from a form of learning difficulty that is language-based. Many people also have only basic reading skills; a text to speech bot will make accessing your content to these people easier.

Although this is not only specific to this particular demographic, text to speech bots is increasingly being used by people for convenience. In this fast-paced world, people barely have any time to themselves. This software helps people read blogs, articles, PDFs, word documents and/or books during transit! It is not only time-saving but also is a form of catharsis for many.

Human interaction and emotional marketing are important business strategies. A text to speech bot can be modified in various ways- tone, accent- which will inevitably be a useful tool in extending the reach. It will also increase the visibility of your product and your business. Using text to speech bot in after-sales service is highly beneficial as it reduces the cost of operating and minimizes human workload. Any content, be it web or cloud-based can easily be speech enabled and maintaining this requires minimal effort which saves time and money.

These are two of the many fool-proof methods in ensuring that business grows and that the customers are satisfied.