What are the coolest features that a Contact Centre Solution must have to create a mesmerising customer experience?

February 03, 2021

Organisations have started realising that customer is the root of all revenues and being highly customer centric is a necessity. Thus, to leverage every single opportunity of a resale via customer satisfaction has become a rat race amongst all. The mode through which this process is followed by most organisations is traditional phone calling, SMS and WhatsApp. However, such methodologies of reaching out has found a way to improve massively within the ecosystem of customer servicing. Here comes the dire need to opt for a state of the art Contact Centre Solutions that helps in paving a streamlined route to creating a one of a kind experience for customer interactions. Let’s go through a few pointers and set your basic expectations of what your organisation can expect from a contact centre solutions Company.

Intelligent Call Routing:

Intelligent call routing sets the basic rule of how your customer is going to be handled when a call arrives at the call centre. While traditional calls would come flooding in haphazardly, Intelligent Call Routing is considered as the foundation of customer servicing. Calls are routed appropriately and based on the complexity of the query, calls are routed across various departments in a streamlined and systematic manner.

Conversational IVR

Speech enabled IVR is the new kid on the block. This enables automatic speech recognition and further enables customer agent routing matching the appropriate skillset. Conversational IVRs are known to create a warm approach towards the customer and also maintain a personalised customer service experience automatically. A well streamlined conversational IVR helps maintain perfect call records and also keeps the customer experience consistent.

Communication APIs

Communication APIs help integrate certain features like Video calling, Voice calling and other social media handles within business applications. A lot of organisations have their own legacy software or mobile applications. The easiest way to integrate rich multimedia based customer communication features, is to use Communication APIs.

Ability to integrate in existing CRMs

Due to existing CRMs in existence and legacy software that many customer centric organisations maintain, Contact Centre Solutions need to have the ability to integrate of customise the software to integrate very well and sit tightly on their existing CRMs so that data integrity is further fortified.

The Omni-Channel Approach

The absolute need for excellence in customer service is something that is looked at as a necessity when a customer invests in a product or a service. The customer may use any platform. Be it a chat widget on the website, a social media handle, a messenger like Whatsapp etc. During a customer’s grievance, the customer out of frustration may immediately resort to complaining over any of these channels. An omni-channel enabled platform helps cater to such requirements and immediately get in touch with the customer to find a resolution.

Live Monitoring

Dynamic information capturing is important for organisations and its customer service supervisors to manage and monitor calls in real-time. These features include call snooping, call barging and also call recording so that the customer service department have parameters to measure the performance of the customer service agents

Making data knowledgeable

So that organisations have an eagle point view of how the customer service department can perform, capturing data is important. As important as it is to capture data, having the same captured in real-time is also important. How the data is presented across to key decision makers is another art which is imperative is customer satisfaction.

Capability to work from anywhere

The new normal or the new format of working as we all are aware is working from home. This new paradigm shift is going to remain for the present and the future. This is how organisations have tuned themselves in the new format of how work is conducted on a day to day basis. Especially during the pandemic when transportation was not available for employees, customer service agents needed to be reachable. A fantastic contact centre solutions company provides a single user interface to help communicate with the customer over a multitude of channels, over any device, depending on the customer service agent’s multitasking capabilities.